Listened to Dean Shareski’s event last night about sharing.  Sharing is so important that we can never stop talking enough about it!  I had the feeling during the event that we both subscribe to David Weinberger ideas.

Dean’s talk re-emphasized the importance of not only developing my blog but also reading other blogs and leaving comments where appropriate.  Blogs are a springboard to finding people with common interests to populate your PLN.  But it is important your PLN doesn’t become an echo chamber.

I appreciated the names mentioned for further reading and potential discussion.  For example, Dean asked Stephen Downes “should I share less or should I filter more?”  Stephen appropriately responded  “share and I will filter.” Finally, Blogush has been on my radar – translated pinned on my toolbar – for at least three weeks now, so maybe it is time to see what it is all about.

I’ll let you in on a secret –  if you can keep it between the two of us.  I went to ‘Starbuck(le)s tonight with my wife to meet our daughter and her children and missed the Twitter Chat. Hence the reason for the title of this blog post.   However, I must take advantage of future Twitter Chats to meet people.

We got home in time to hear Sue Waters  et al. discuss Google Reader, Settings, Spam, Tablets/iPads etc.  😉

I kept thinking of what a great example these moderators are with their unselfish giving of their time to share their expertise.  I should at least attempt to become part of the 1% that get involved.

Good choices Alec.  Dean would be proud.  🙂