Maybe this is a better title for the #etmooc experience?

I enjoyed listening to Alec during last night’s event: Introduction to Connected Learning.  He always builds a strong case for connected learning with quotes, stories and ideas from others.

Whenever Alec shows a picture of one of his children ‘playing’ with technology I just wonder what they are capable of doing with  technology in general.  I wonder what the impact of technology will be on their lives or where future generations will be at their ages.  On an unrelated thought I wonder what the shelf life of Twitter will be in its present business model or where social media will go next.

Last night’s event has me looking for an assignment Kevin Stranack @stranack developed on Becoming a Connected Learner: Professional Development Through Personal Knowledge Management.  I hope you will find it as interesting as I did.  Thanks  @AlisonSeaman for the heads up.

I should also mention how I appreciate the opportunity to revisit previously taped events.