Thanks again to Sue Waters for her help to set up Google Reader [I can see an application of it for my students already], Google Calendar plus feedback on TweetDeck and HootSuite.

I appreciate the archived Blackboard Collaborate sessions on #ETMOOC.

In particular, I missed the Social Bookmarking & Content Curation event and watching it on a delayed basis provided me with more sites like Diigo [I use Delicious already],!, Symbaloo, Pinterest, Tweetdeck, HootSuite, …

A shout out is in order to both Jeffery Heil and Michelle Franz for sharing their expertise for this event.

Making visible my deepest thoughts department:

The need to learn how to embed pictures and/or videos in a blog, figuring out how to run a Hangout with my #ETMOOC circle, touching base with my #ETMOOC circle in general, checking out their blogs and beginning a conversation with them, …

Any suggestion(s) of what I should become familiar with next in order to get the most out of #ETMOOC?