Enjoyed Sue Waters and Peggy George not only for their expertise but for their honesty during their conversation on blogging.

If you pick up one idea from a book, conversation, event … it is worth it.  The introduction to blogging did not let me down. They addressed the legitimate concerns a novice might have and more or less suggested to just give it a try.  And Sue shared a link to her blog http://suewaters.com/2013/01/18/learning-through-blogging-as-part-of-a-connectivist-mooc/ that will be invaluable as a resource.

Some ~quotes/thoughts from the Introduction to Blogging: “Blogging is your personality coming through.”  “Feels like s/he’s talking to me.” “Different blogs for different conversations.” “Reflect on learning.”

Sue thank you for your HootSuite and TweetDeck post on January 16. It is appreciated but now with Google Reader, embedding … I have more to add to my procrastination list. 😉

Oh yes, I must watch the calender more carefully! I missed the Introduction to Social Curation. 😦